Perserverance, Strength, and Death?

A 32-year old Woman is Disease Stricken but still Earning $2,462 a day from Home using This Super Easy Method

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There was a girl who was known to be extremely vivacious.

She was smart, funny, and considered herself to be more of a “Protector of the Weak” constantly battling for the equality of those less fortunate than herself.

You would see her sitting with the kids no one would go near. Helping them anyway she could and most of the time it consisted of hugs and simple conversation.

She even trained herself how to fight so that she could defend herself and the others from bullies!

Yeah, she was just as light-hearted as she was a force to be reckoned with; known to blow up like a volcano from time to time.

But alas, she had a dark, terrible secret.

She was being abused physically, mentally, and emotionally at home.

Yet, everyday she had a smile on her face. She laughed, joked, and played.

Everyone went to her for help, but no one knew the girl needed help too.

In high school, she took a liking to the junior military program.

It was then that she decided that she was going to be the first 4-star Female General.
LoL, obviously that didn’t happen.

After the end of a 4-year abusive marriage, she met and fell in love with her soulmate.
She had many children that she loved more than life itself.

She was healthy. Her children were healthy. And most of all, they were all safe.

She was the happiest she had ever been in her life.

3 years go by this way.

Until tragedy struck.

She got sick.

Really sick.

She lost the ability to use her left arm and her legs.

This woman has known strife, humiliation, pain, and loss. Yet through it all she remained kind, generous, and unselfish.

She was quite familiar with suffering but she was never one to back down. Actually, she stood firm in everything she said and did with complete conviction.

After everything this girl, now turned woman had gone through, she was hell bent determined to not let a disease get the best of her...

She went through countless physical and occupational therapy sessions to get back the use of her different body parts.

After 3 years of hard, dedicated work, the woman went through many ups and downs fighting the same fight over and over again. She would be able to “Kill Bill” her way back out of a wheelchair and it would take it’s toll every time.

Everytime, she lost the ability to use something, it got harder and harder to regain the ability back.

But she never gave up. Always trying to "wiggle her big toe."

Even now - She tries every day to beat her illness and the hardships it deals.

From losing eyesight and hearing to not being able to feed herself from lack of fine motor skills. It even got so bad that at one time she had to wear adult diapers because the lack of feeling from her midsection down.

Still, None of it dampen her light. In fact, she boasted wearing adult diapers because Astronauts and race cars drivers do too!!

She always smiled and laughed.

She brought joy to everyone around her. You will see her living life with her husband and children, happy and content, regardless of being sick.

She was Me.

Hi, my name is Cassandra Waller.

I am a 100% service-connected disabled United States Army veteran, wife, and mother to five boys.

It sounds like a lot but believe me when I say - this is only the beginning.

You see, I was diagnosed with Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis or SPMS. Although it is not fatal, the side effects can be.

So my story brought you to here, the present. This is where it gets rough.

I am dying.

Not from MS but from bone complications in my neck. I found out the news Early February of 2018 that I have a life span of anywhere between 5 to 8.7 years.

This is simply because I don't think a 66% survivability rate through surgery is worth the risk of never coming back out of that OR.

With this news I did the only thing I could think of…

eat as much chocolate as I possibly could!


However, after my chocolate downfall subsided; I had to start preparing my family for a day without me, Mom.

You know, the one that works behind the scene tirelessly day and night because of unconditional love and all that mushy stuff...

I realized that without my income my family would not be able to afford what we currently have.
It's nothing fancy.

But it is enough...

We were not put here on this Earth to work every day of our life struggling to make ends meet, just to not spend time or money with family.

Life is to short my friends.

I have a deadline (HA! See what I did there?!) that I have to meet in order to make my family financially stable for the rest of their life on autopilot without them ever having to do anything.

So.. Here I am!

Working to build a family Legacy and succeeding!

Yes, I am on the fast track to that “unobtainable” 7 figure club!

I am finally able to relax and enjoy what precious little time I have left with the 6 men of my universe.

I know this is really hard to believe, hell, I barely believe it myself!

But it is happening!

I just had to share this and I hope that someone else will take the first step to be able to enjoy life... not work it.

As my way of saying Thank you for listening to MY boring life story, please accept my Gift.

It is My Facebook Secrets.

I started a log when I first started so that I could replicate my results. Thus, I made E-books to share the wealth of knowledge!

Thank You,
Cassandra Waller

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